Product name:Roll bond evaporator

Product number:0419

Product description

                  Roll bond evaporator
Material:Aluminium plate1.8-3.0mm
Structures:Two painted plate are blowed up after riveting heating and
Heat exchange method and performance:Refrigerant exchanging according aluminium plate directly,meet freezing compartment -18℃,cooling compartment -2-4℃
Coating quality standards:
1 Coacting thickness:Flat plate spraying powder 40-90um
2 Impact of coating: 50kg/cm no crack no strip
3 Hardness of coating: ≥2H
4 Adhesion of coating: Meet the first grade standard(Cross hatch and tape test)
5 Lustre: ≥86%
6 Flexibility:Circle 3D no crack no strip
7 Corrosion resistant: HG/T2006-91,GB/T1771-91,Powder coating 400h No corrosion
Internal quality:No leakage,Meet internal cleanliness requirements of CFC & NON CFC refrigerant
Annual capacity:3,500,000 pcs

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