Talent idea Personnel training Recruitment Staff style
Talent concept: the best of them, have both ability and political integrity, not sticking to formalities.

Germany and the ability to both - only those who have the German capital; Germany who only handsome also. "Virtue" - have a high basic quality, "talent" - the basic ability to perform job duties. The ancients said: a little short, an inch-inch, things have been inadequate, the wisdom of some unknown. Selection and employment, not both, but to Germany for the first, only to promote Germany, in order to moral education. By improving the quality of enterprise personnel, talent structure to build both ability and political integrity.

Eclectic - innovative concept of talent, eclectic selection of talent, regardless of seniority, the only virtuous is held. And continuously expand talent selection channels, in practice found talent, nurture talent, training, bold use of talent, vigorously cultivate innovative professionals, continue to develop and expand the talent team, for the sustainable development of enterprises to increase stamina.

People do their best - people have the length, regardless of size, both ability and integrity, both inside and outside. Zhirenshanren, Renjinqicai. Huiyanshi Cai, enthusiastic love only, bearing with only, boldly lift only, mind Yung was. Depth exploration of the bright spots of each employee, give full play to the strengths of each employee, the maximum integration of enterprise human resources for the sustainable development of enterprises to provide a strong impetus to promote the healthy development of enterprises into the fast lane.

To make the best use of its material to take it, the trial of its ability to do any, with its director, cover their short. Zhirenshanren, only is the move, just appropriate post, suitable for suitable post-paid. With keen insight and found that each employee's personality characteristics, so that the amount and use, the talent on the most appropriate location, the staff of the advantages applied to the most suitable work, so that Sage in its place , In his post, the security of their duties, and avoid weaknesses, the best of their talents.

Suzhou ReTek Mechanical-Electrical Co.,Ltd talent is the most precious resources of the enterprise, to "talent first, people-oriented" for the original side, forming a set of "talent mechanism loving talents, developing talents, using talents and retain talents, promote the talent", to employees and businesses grow together for the mission, to the realization of "harmony and win-win, the ultimate goal of common development". Development of refrigeration technology, management team in the country under the leadership of the city of Suzhou Rtech mechanical and electrical limited company after more than and 10 years of development, already has a large number of outstanding research and development, management, marketing personnel, the master and Bachelor degree in youth has gradually become the core of the bone dry, at the same time, more and more outstanding graduates hold the lofty ideals and the pursuit of the career to join the Suzhou city Rtech electromechanical Co. Ltd., they are adhering to the "dedication, innovation" spirit, forge ahead, the rapid growth, the rapid growth of new power enterprises strong.

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