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Five - year Development Plan of Company Talents

First, the guiding ideology of human resources development plan The full implementation of talent strategy, implement the scientific concept of development, to speed up the upgrading of human resources professional ability as the goal, firmly grasp the introduction, training, use, retain talent four links, speed up the talent team Construction pace, ease the shortage of talent situation, for the company to provide rapid development of personnel support.
Second, Talent status of the company As of October 2013, the company has 450 employees (including nearly 100 employees), 61 professional and technical personnel (including 17 senior, 18 intermediate, 26 junior), 9 undergraduate . As of December 2018, a total of 13 people will retire.
 Third, the company's talent development in the next five years Forecast With the work on the right track, determine the direction of development, the company will face the shortage of professionals, personnel aging and other deep-seated problems, human resources work not only to increase labor resources Configuration, but also to increase the introduction of various types of personnel training, speed up the progress of talent structure optimization. To the age structure of human resources, cultural structure, professional structure of the imbalance has a fundamental reversal of the company's human resources work situation is grim, talent work long way to go. As of the end of 2015, according to the company's development needs, development project recruitment 10 mechanical undergraduate and graduate 10, operating workers 20), 5 other professional recruiting, administrative recruitment 5, a total of 50 people, the end of 2015 the number of workers Reaching 400 people. According to the annual number of 20% of recruitment, and the overall turnover rate of 5%, to the end of 2018, the total number of employees reached 580 people.
Fourth, the next five years, talent planning objectives
According to the company's development goals, based on the existing talent analysis, the next five years, the company's demand for talent, whether in quantity, quality, or structure are reflected in high standards and strict requirements
(A) the objectives and tasks
1, management personnel. Training 30 young and middle-aged management personnel, able to adapt to the company's development needs, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, to become technology, management, good management, to expand the market, the leader of the management talent.
2, professional and technical personnel. The introduction of training about 200 of the machinery, construction, engineering and other professional young and middle-aged professional and technical personnel, with high professional standards and strong innovation ability to adapt to the development of production requirements and industrial restructuring, a professional and technical leaders.
3, grass-roots management personnel. Construction of a 30-person overall high-quality, operational capacity, a high level of service awareness, work responsibility and the overall concept of strong, rational structure, to adapt to the Group of rapid operation and production development of grass-roots management personnel.
4, the operation of skilled personnel. Construction and training of 40 excellent quality, strong execution, job skills, hard work, obey the command, younger, professional, able to meet the needs of the production scale expansion of the operation of the job experts.
(B) the quality requirements from the cultural level, professional knowledge, work skills, job skills and other quality items to start using the inspection, evaluation, evaluation, identification methods such as training and selection, so that the overall quality has been improved.
(C) the structure requires a reasonable talent structure in order to play the overall effectiveness of the talent team. In the professional structure, machinery, construction, engineering and other major than the significant increase in importance; economic, management and other professional should continue to introduce. In the age structure, management and personnel training to focus on 30-45 years of age-based; technology professionals to 30-40-year-old engineer as the focus of training objects; grass-roots management personnel to 25-35 years old; operating skills focus on training 40-year-old talent The following highly skilled personnel. In the cultural structure, the proportion of graduate students to be improved, accounting for most of the proportion of undergraduates; operating skills of the cultural level of talent to technical schools, vocational and technical college, college or above to occupy a certain percentage.
 Fifth, the development of talent development planning channels and countermeasures
(A) improve the education system of personnel training, and continuously improve the quality of personnel.
The establishment of personnel education and training mechanisms to stimulate the majority of personnel to participate in education and training initiative, and actively encourage employees to participate in various training counterparts. The training of job skills is often carried out to support the individual to improve, to achieve focus on training, professional training, job improvement and self-taught, and contact external training institutions, and vigorously strengthen staff training.
(B) establish and improve the ability and performance-oriented talent evaluation mechanism.
Establish a scientific talent evaluation system. Through the work of staffing analysis and talent evaluation, we make accurate positioning of job responsibilities, job requirements and existing staffs' knowledge and ability structure. Based on the evaluation results, we can formulate the evaluation mechanism at different levels and explore and formulate the post capability Oriented, focus on the work performance, focus on professional ethics and knowledge of the talent evaluation system, improve the methods of evaluation of various types of personnel, adhere to the "open, fair and just" principle, improve the scientific evaluation to ensure open talent evaluation, Transparency, independence, impartiality; the implementation of assessment scores and performance, wage-linked system, objective and practical open evaluation results.
(C) the establishment of sound talent incentive mechanism.
1, to strengthen the ability to level, exceptional promotion, encourage more workers to improve their ability to work. Vigorously promote the post salary, ability to set wages, to contribute to the remuneration system. Improve remuneration, welfare, improve the living standards of employees, and enhance corporate identity. Performance, the moderate increase in the level of benefits can improve the enthusiasm of the staff, but when the salary and benefits to a certain extent, the decision of the final choice of employees is often the overall business environment, that talent for enterprise identity and sense of belonging, Cultural construction is also important.
2, improve the reward system. Encourage the broad masses of professional and technical personnel to give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity, in a planned way to carry out outstanding scientific and technological project appraisal, outstanding staff appraisal and other activities, the selection of outstanding projects and talents awarded honorary certificate and reward.
(D) establish a new mechanism for selecting and appointing people. For each employee to create the development of space and opportunity to truly open, fair and just so that each employee with the ability of posts, and continuously improve and perfect competition for posts in the human resources allocation process, to break the boundaries of identity, with capacity Establish and improve the enterprise Jin, demotion system, in the dynamic optimization of staffing, and ultimately to the right people, do the right thing, to achieve the ability to match the job and the job to do, to do the job, , To make the best use of personnel and personnel to maximize the role of talent.
(E) improve the talent withdrawal mechanism. Talent withdrawals include normal retirement, separation and exit. The mechanism of enterprise survival of the fittest will inevitably lead to the withdrawal of personnel from the post, so the establishment of a transparent post-exit system to ensure that people post match, can promote healthy competition between employees, play a certain incentive role.

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